Why We Support Arlington Free Clinic: Dana & Ray Koch

Arlington is one of many places we’ve lived before, during, and after our careers in the Navy. But it was only after we had both rejoined civilian life that we realized Arlington was where we wanted to stay—and stay we have for more than 30 years!

During our military service, we primarily supported organizations helping other military families in times of need. Now, as long-time Arlington residents, we’ve come to appreciate the significant impact of the excellent safety-net organizations helping our most vulnerable neighbors achieve short- and long-term health and safety, emotional well-being, and financial security—all critical to the overall health of our community.

Initially, we found ourselves making many small gifts to a wide array of local and national nonprofits. But over time, we developed a strategy of making fewer, but larger gifts—concentrating on those organizations that most directly help our neighbors.

We use the extensive fiscal information available at Charity Navigator (an independent charity watchdog agency) to help us eliminate from our giving portfolio organizations that spend excessively on administrative/fundraising expenses, or that already have millions of dollars in net assets. We prefer to give to smaller, local organizations, such as Arlington Free Clinic, where we know our support will have an immediate and direct impact on our community.

In addition to our monthly support, we have made AFC a contingent beneficiary of each of our Roth IRAs. The administrative process involved completing a short, online form with our investment firm. In doing so, we have ensured that a percentage of these retirement assets will continue to support AFC’s mission in the future.

Read our entire 2019 Annual Report here.

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