Volunteer Spotlight: Leigh Watlington, MD

I have been sensitive to socioeconomic and gender inequalities throughout my medical career. While it’s exciting to see some movement happening at the systems-level, I love getting to be part of the change occurring all around me, one clinic—or one food bank, shelter, or mentoring program at a time.

Twice a month, for the past 15 years, I’ve gotten to use what I call my “GYNonly” Spanish (with AFC’s bilingual clinic manager on hand to ensure nothing gets lost in translation) to practice medicine in a setting where I can spend as much time as I need helping to solve a patient’s problem. In private practice, you typically have 15 minutes per encounter. At AFC, between talking with the patient and doing a biopsy or necessary test right then and there, I can easily spend an hour. Sometimes the talk is the most important part of the treatment!

Not only is this model wonderful from the provider’s perspective, it is also beneficial to our women who work so hard in their jobs and at home but have very little extra time or money. It’s often due to their lack of resources that their needs are more challenging and conditions are more advanced—but that’s where AFC comes in—counteracting health disparities through the generosity of an incredible volunteer force and committed donors.

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