Volunteer Month 2018

For National Volunteer Month in April, we asked some of AFC’s volunteers what their favorite thing about volunteering was! Here are some of their responses.



“My favorite thing about volunteering at AFC is getting to meet and work with other awesome volunteers and staff members. I’m thankful for the opportunity to volunteer for such an impactful organization!” – Audrey, Volunteer Exam Room Coordinator





“Volunteering at AFC helps me maintain a holistic focus on disease prevention and health promotion. Through disease management and medication teaching, I help give our patients an insight into how best to care for themselves and prevent complications of whatever condition they may have. Here at AFC, I get to play a role in giving our patients the tools they need to keep them healthy, well, and out of the hospital.” -Jessie, Intake & Discharge Volunteer



Aly“I’m amazed at how passionate and driven everyone is to take care of every patient that walks through the front doors – and it’s evident by the sheer number of services and support that is provided at the clinic. My experiences at AFC have humbled me and remind me of the impact everyday people can have.” – Aly, Volunteer Scribe





Sarah“My favorite thing about volunteering at AFC is the sense of community and friendly environment. I love how all of the employees and volunteers really care about helping the patients and making sure they are set up to succeed in the long term. I can really tell how devoted everyone at AFC is to its mission, which makes volunteering there so inspiring.” – Sarah, Volunteer Exam Room Coordinator





“AFC opens a door for patients when most are shut and they would likely end up in the ER, sicker. When we talk of global health, one immediately thinks of efforts in developing, poor or disaster struck countries. To me, AFC is Arlington’s global health initiative that strives to reach patients falling through the gaps in our healthcare system.” -Preeti, Intake Volunteer