The Connally Volunteer Circle

Dr. N. Thomas Connally, who volunteered at Arlington Free Clinic for over 19 years – serving as our dedicated Medical Director for six of them – was a compassionate physician, enthusiastic volunteer recruiter, and compelling ambassador within the community.

Reflecting the spirit of Dr. Connally, who was devoted to caring for and serving those in need, The Connally Volunteer Circle is a brand new honorary society acknowledging current AFC volunteers who have given 10 years or more of service.

Thank you to the Connally Family for creating a lovely video tribute to Dr. Connally.

Joseph Backer, MD
Carol Baker, RN
Rachel Barish, NP
Marta Barkell
Christina Baselga, MD
Marila Belcher
Paula Bergamini, MD
Brian J. Boland, MD
Pat Brosnan, RN
Stephanie Chang, MD
David Cohen
Honora Dent, RN
John Dietrick
Karen Dixon, MD
Lynnette Downs, RN
Cynthia Dunbar, RN
Nicole Ehrhardt, MD
Jennifer Emry
Ira Faden, RPh
Barbara Fay, RN
Lynne Gaby, MD
Sharon Golden
Kit Gordon
Bud Hensgen
Raymond Hoare, MD
Bora Jin, PA, MPH
Linda Keyser, RN
Amita Khatri
Kaleen Kitay, MD
Maria Teresa Laguna, RN
Corrine Lahti, MD
Nancy Limprecht
Mary Ludden, RN
Merry Macke, MSW
Vinh Mai, DO
John Maloney, MD
Marie Markey, PT
Kenneth Marshall, MD
Martha Mathis, RN
Richard Mickle
Mary Miossi, RN
Timothy Muir, MD
Kay Nassetta
Diane Naughton
Dorothy Nicholson, MD
Marvin Ortiz
Daphne Papamichael
Anne Pariser, MD
Jane Piness, MD
Christine Pintz, NP
Caroline Poplin, MD
Mary Porretta, RN
Thomas Rakowski, MD
Russell Rayman, MD
Jane Renfro, NP
Christopher Renner, OD
Kenneth Ricks
Joan Ritter, MD
Beronica Salas
Marissa Schlaifer, RPh
Susan Schmidt
Ian Shenk, MD
Jerome Stein, MD
Laura Stone, MD
Christine Strasser, RN
Fernando Van Reigersberg
Stephanie van Reigersberg
Leigh Watlington, MD
Margot Wheeler, MD
Sean Whelton, MD
Eleanor Wilson, DPM