Practice Spotlight – Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group: Infectious Diseases

VHC Physican Group Infectious Diseases_Drs. Jennifer Primeggia, Rohit Modak, and Ian SeemungalIf you’re hospitalized with an infection, you may see the experts at Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) Physician Group: Infectious Diseases— Drs. Rohit Modak, Jennifer Primeggia, and Ian Seemungal. But you can see them under cheerier circumstances, too—like for travel vaccinations before a big international trip!

Many AFC patients originally come from countries where infectious diseases uncommon to Arlington are endemic; others develop infections after surgeries or when immune systems are compromised by cancer treatments. AFC is very grateful to these providers for helping us navigate the range of infection-related medical and surgical needs of our patients.

Mamé has chronic renal failure and is transitioning to dialysis. A couple of months ago, a cyst on her back caused a blockage that exacerbated her kidney disease and sent her into acute renal failure. She was admitted to VHC where they successfully stabilized her condition; after a few days, Mamé was discharged to Arlington Free Clinic where she has been a patient for the past four years. In going over the discharge paperwork from the hospital, Mamé’s AFC nurse noticed a troubling note about a pancreatic mass that showed up on her CT scan and was potentially cancerous. Just then, a call from VHC came through notifying her that the biopsy of Mamé’s cyst tested positive for tuberculosis.

Her nurse immediately got on the phone with the Infectious Diseases office. Even though he was only familiar with Mamé’s biopsy results and had not yet met the patient, Dr. Seemungal took the time to explain the follow-up procedure for a new tuberculosis diagnosis, offered to consult with our volunteer GI specialist, proposed scenarios where the mass could be connected not to cancer, but to Mamé’s tuberculosis—and even encouraged our nurse to follow up via his personal cell number should any additional concerns come up.

As we continue to help Mamé manage her concurrent health issues, we are grateful to Dr. Seemungal and his colleagues at VHC Physician Group: Infectious Diseases who remain willing and available to provide infectious disease expertise for our patients. Drs. Modak, Primeggia and Seemungal are committed to the health of our community and are an invaluable resource in providing care to patients with bacterial, fungal, and parasitic diseases.

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