Partner Spotlight: Urban Alliance

Arlington Free Clinic has long served as a training site for students preparing to become doctors, medical assistants, counselors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists. Opening up our organization to students allows us to introduce the next generation to the needs of medically underserved populations and the importance of giving back through service or vocation.

Five years ago, Urban Alliance, a national nonprofit that provides economicallydisadvantaged high school seniors with paid, professional internships, approached us about hosting student interns. While we’re always happy to support young people interested in health careers, we soon learned that AFC was going to be gaining as much or more than the students through this partnership!

We’ve been lucky to have worked with extremely impressive students who rapidly became an integral part of our team. Since Urban Alliance interns are with us four days a week for nine months, we’re able to truly integrate them into our organization. Not only do they support our staff, they can actually fill in and cover administrative positions when necessary. The Clinic saves both time and money, and the students learn new skills and get experience working in a professional environment—a definite win-win situation!

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