Omar: Enjoying a Healthy, New Smile

Last summer, Omar got a call from Arlington Free Clinic’s appointment-scheduler encouraging him to take advantage of our newest service – dental care.

It had been over 10 years since he had seen a dentist.


Omar came to our Dental Clinic with a severely worn upper denture and bottom teeth that were extensively damaged by tooth decay. Additionally, he had severe bone loss around his remaining bottom teeth, rendering them non-restorable. Initially, our dentist relined Omar’s upper denture so that he could continue to use it until a new denture was produced. The dentist also extracted Omar’s remaining bottom teeth and recontoured the bone to accommodate a denture.

Omar’s mouth was stable and free from pain and infection for the first time in years. But without dentures, Omar struggled to speak and could only eat soft foods. Once Omar healed from his oral surgeries, the dentist began the process of fitting him with a new set of complete dentures.201811-P1500714_smaller

Omar is Arlington Free Clinic’s first patient to receive a full set of dentures—and a healthy, new smile. But our newly-expanded and finally onsite dental program will allow us to triple the number of patients we can provide with basic dentistry and advanced, restorative procedures like crowns, root canals, and dentures that are so desperately needed by those who have gone without care for years.

With dental care now firmly rooted in our services, Arlington Free Clinic patients will have a truly comprehensive healthcare home where they can see their dentist in the same location they come to for doctor visits, physical therapy, counseling, and to pick up their medications—a unique model of care shown to improve health outcomes.



This year, a special, one-time gift to our Dental Campaign – over and above your normal year-end contribution – will give more patients like Omar healthy, new smiles. Please consider increasing your donation to include a gift of any size for dental – if you did, let us know in the comments field on the form.

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