Manuel: healthy and standing strong!

Manuel standing

For construction workers like Manuel, bumps and scrapes were an everyday part of life on the job.

Manuel’s work boot gave him what he thought was just another blister – but because he was uninsured and unable to access medication, his diabetes was completely out of control making him susceptible to dangerous infections. Two days later in the emergency room, he lost several of his toes.

He changed jobs hoping that restaurant work would be easier on his foot, but he soon developed another infection which led to the amputation of his lower leg.

Manuel in PT

Kit Gordon, a volunteer at Arlington Free Clinic, scribes and interprets for the endocrinologist who cares for Manuel, so she saw the great transformation that took place once his diabetes got under control. She also saw how difficult it can be to navigate life on crutches and how much the amputation had limited Manuel’s independence and work prospects. Understanding how life-changing a prosthesis would be for him, Kit, along with her husband Ron, gave Manuel an incredible gift when they underwrote the $7,000 cost of a new leg.

Take a look at Manuel walking with his new prosthesis: