In Memoriam: Anne V. Hamilton

Anne HamiltonAnne V. Hamilton spent her entire adult life in Arlington and was always involved in her local community and civic affairs. We would’ve loved the opportunity to meet Anne, who made such a generous bequest to AFC – but instead had the privilege of learning about her through the words of her friends.

Anne was a brilliant businesswoman whose company, Oliver & Hamilton, provided financial services to federal agencies for many years. She was a crossword puzzle expert and ace Scrabble player. She was a flamboyant present wrapper and habitual sender of the funniest Christmas cards (which usually featured the sender herself).  She was a much-loved student mentor, the world’s best godmother, and, quite simply, the perfect travel companion. She always had perfectly manicured nails and possessed an uncanny, x-ray-like empathy. Anne’s friends like to joke that her only flaw was her karaoke singing. But more importantly, she was awash in integrity and the enemy of prejudice, closed-mindedness, cruelty and injustice. Anne filled buckets, she didn’t empty them.

Anne was an ardent supporter of just causes and champion of all things Arlington – including Arlington Free Clinic. Though we only recently learned about the indelible imprint Anne made on everyone she met, we are so grateful to catch a glimpse of this legacy in each patient served through her generous gift to AFC.

Arlington Free Clinic is incredibly grateful to those who choose to remember us in their wills or trusts. Learn more here.

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