Dental Update

While COVID-19 forced us to cancel many of our scheduled dental visits, the AFC dental team has continued to offer emergency appointments to those whose dental needs cannot wait.

Given the poor oral health status of the population we serve, we are continuing to see a fair number of people in dental crisis, including a young man who recently came to us in excruciating pain, fearing he’d have to go to the ER. He and his wife were incredibly grateful that the dentist was able to treat him and provide the necessary medications to alleviate his pain.

In addition to being “on call” for emergencies, the dental team has put their considerable skills to use in other areas. Our lead dentist is researching and becoming an expert on the integration of dental and medical care – one of our key initiatives for the coming year.

Our dental assistants, along with our front desk receptionist, have learned our daily medication pick-up procedures and are helping patients order their prescription refills. Since they are bilingual, they’re also calling patients to keep them connected to the Clinic, provide relevant education, and address any questions or concerns.

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