Current Volunteer Needs

As AFC moves into its “new normal” schedules are changing and volunteer opportunities are beginning to open up! While we are still working on getting our current volunteers re-onboarded for new processes, we do have a handful of urgent volunteer needs.


Medical Specialists: Podiatry, ENT, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Cardiology

Psychiatrists and PMNHPs: Assistance with medication management is our highest need

Counselors: Bilingual counselors are preferred as it makes patient communication easier, but it is not a requirement!

Dental Assistants & Hygienists: Spanish-speaking is preferred so they can assist with patient communication, but all are a valuable addition to our dental team.

Exercise Instructors: We are in need of motivated individuals to help run our Move to Health classes (Monday and Thursday evenings). They do not need to be certified instructors, but need to have experience attending classes and comfort running their own, while keeping energy and momentum up!

Interpreters: We are always seeking more Spanish, Amharic, and Mongolian interpreters. Currently about 95% of all interpreting work is being done remotely either by phone or by telehealth/video call.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs: Assistance is needed with checking filled prescriptions and supporting staff pharmacists


Interested prospective volunteers should attend a Community Tour to learn more about AFC and our current operations. Applications are distributed to attendees afterward. Questions and inquiries can be send to