COVID-19 Vaccine

View our update on COVID-19 vaccine information for 2/10/21.

Arlington Free Clinic staff and volunteers are getting vaccinated to protect our patients, our families and ourselves. We hope you will too when the vaccine is available to you.

Thank you to Virginia Hospital Center and Arlington County for making the COVID-19 vaccine available to AFC staff.

AFC Patient Vaccine Experiences

Enkhtsetseg (Mongolian)

Ely (Spanish)

Peggie (English)

Luvdia (Spanish)

AFC Staff Vaccine Experiences

Matt (English)

Solomon (English)

Marietha (English)

Eleanor (English)

Kennya (English)

Debby (English)

Andrew (English)

Aida (English)

Matt (Spanish)

Solomon (Amharic)

Marietha (Spanish)

Terry (English)

Kennya (Spanish)

Debby (Spanish)

Andrew (Spanish)

Aida (Spanish)