Clinical & Program Updates

Clinical Administration Team Update

The clinical administration team has surged ahead – both onsite and remotely – with their vital work that keeps this organization buzzing.

Our telephone receptionist is working primarily from home to ensure that patient calls are routed to the correct staff members as quickly as possible. She monitors our line during nearly all waking hours and patients are guaranteed a friendly voice when they reach her.

Our eligibility specialist has been diligently completing annual patient eligibility renewals over the phone to ensure everyone continues to be able to receive their medications. She also uses her calls as an opportunity to ask patients how they’re doing. If a need is uncovered, we can connect patients to resources through our social services case manager

Move to Health

When we switched most of our care to telemedicine in March, we never imagined that we’d be able to continue our Move to Health (MtH) program. Well, our volunteer exercise instructors and interpreters certainly surprised us! Over the past several weeks, these great volunteers have stepped up to keep our close-knit and highly motivated group of patients in this program exercising throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The first to reach out was Karina, our high school-age MtH interpreter, who contacted the program manager to see how she could help. Together, they developed printed exercise programs for patients to do at home in lieu of the twice-weekly classes at AFC, which must be suspended indefinitely.

More MtH volunteers quickly joined in and began developing videos for patients to use through their smart phones. While we know how much this group loves spending time together, it’s been wonderful seeing how these volunteers have come together virtually to help our patients stay physically and mentally healthy at a time when they need it the most!

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