Check-in Calls: AFC is Here to Help!

Our medical assistants are the front-line staff members who communicate most directly with our patients, answering questions and helping them follow the health recommendations given by their doctors. Our nurses and medical assistants have personally called all 1,600 Arlington Free Clinic patients in the weeks following the arrival of COVID-19 to Arlington. We started with our 665 most at-risk patients – those with chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, or cancer, as well as patients who came to us through discharge from Virginia Hospital Center – and then worked our way through everyone else.

Our patients have appreciated the fact that we’re checking in to make sure they have the resources they need and understand how to protect themselves and their families. Those who live alone have simply wanted to talk. Others incorrectly heard that the Clinic had to close its doors and were happy to learn that they could still refill needed prescriptions. Some had eligibility appointments coming up or lab work they needed to get done, so having someone able to individually address every situation – “we can do your eligibility screening virtually,” or “you can and should leave your home to complete your lab work” – makes a big difference.

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