Arlington Free Clinic & Medicaid Expansion

When we learned last spring that Virginia would be expanding its Medicaid program at the start of the New Year, we dug into the data and polled our local partners to better understand what the healthcare needs of Arlington’s low-income community would be post-Medicaid expansion. For various reasons, thousands of Arlington adults will still not have access to health insurance of any kind. Knowing this, AFC remains committed to our mission of providing care to those with no other options.

While we’re thrilled that expansion will help thousands of Arlingtonians, gaps in care remain. To address these gaps, AFC has made the following commitments:

  1. Continue to provide a comprehensive healthcare home for those who don’t qualify for Medicaid or other forms of insurance (the number of Arlingtonians who will continue to be uninsured unfortunately remains far greater than the number we can serve); and
  2. Pilot programs for people who have obtained Medicaid but need services that Medicaid does not cover—to the extent that AFC’s capacity allows (be sure to read this newsletter’s Dental Update for more on what this will look like).

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