AFC receives contribution from Amazon

Arlington Free Clinic (AFC) received a $250,000 contribution from Amazon to support the delivery of comprehensive healthcare services to low-income, uninsured adult residents of Arlington County.

For 26 years, AFC has delivered patient-centered healthcare to our community’s most vulnerable residents. Many of our 1,600 patients come to the Clinic with limited (if any) prior access to healthcare and struggle with one or more chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Funding will enhance quality of life for vulnerable Arlington residents who face significant barriers to good health – particularly as they navigate and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. “AFC is grateful to Amazon for recognizing the enormous challenges that nonprofits face right now and responding in such a significant way,” said AFC’s President, Nancy White.

Since the pandemic arrived, AFC has been challenged to adapt as never before. We established safety protocols and transitioned to virtual visits for services that did not need to be conducted in person. Support will allow AFC to continue serving those in our community who need us the most. Our patients face multiple challenges to health, such as lack of nutritious food and language/literacy barriers, even in their native language. They have high rates of anxiety/depression and extensive oral healthcare needs. COVID-19 layers on additional barriers – inequities in accessing internet/equipment needed for telehealth visits, difficulty isolating in crowded living conditions, and loss of employment. While 85% of our patients were employed prior to the pandemic, most lost their jobs in the earliest days of the crisis and are now doubly burdened by the stressors of poverty and poor health. “AFC applauds Amazon for its commitment to the Arlington safety-net community,” said AFC Board Chair, Diane Naughton. “The pandemic hit our region hard and disproportionately affected the health and financial well-being of our patients”.

“Amazon is thrilled to be marking the two-year anniversary of our Arlington Headquarters announcement by celebrating the community we’re proud to call home,” said Brooke Oberwetter, Amazon’s head of external affairs in the region. “We are happy to know that our support for Arlington Free Clinic will allow them to continue to serve the community during this critical time by providing vital medical services to those in need in Arlington County.”

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