2016 Holiday Party

We had a great time at AFC’s Annual Holiday Party on Monday, December 12, 2016! Congratulations to this year’s Gold Star Volunteers, and thanks to the staff, board, and community advisors who came out to help us honor them!

Achana Ball, MD
GYN Provider since ’05

Katy Banks
Gala Committee Volunteer since ’12; Eligibility Screener since ’13

Pat Brosnan, RN
Medical Intake since ’03

David Cohen
Exam Room Coordinator since ’10

Honora Dent, RN
Medical Intake since ’00

Cindy Dunbar, RN
Medical Intake, Trainer, Educator, Admin since ’09

Gina Grantham
Eligibility Screener since ’11

Susan Schmidt
Spanish Interpreter since ’04

Misty Tax, NPC
Clare & Don’s Fundraiser Organizer since ’11

Fatma Youssef, PhD
Educator since ’01